Passion is the bridge

I think we can safely say that most of today´s big issues are being addressed by multi-disciplinary teams. This is not new or surprising, but still we often have trouble working with diverse teams. There is always the issue of pride, human emotion, different expectations out of a project, desire to make a point, etc. The range is as wide as human nature.

One of these issues is connectedness between participants. Assume that two branches of a company are brought together for a one-off project. It sometimes happens that people just do as they are told and virtually “execute collaboration”, working together only within the suggested guidelines. It´s a bit like small children that will entertain their parents´ instructions, but with a minimum of engagement and motivation. Things get done, but perhaps at a fraction of their potential. Not only this is a waste of everyone´s energy, but also, I suspect it eats away at one´s desire to participate in this sort of activities.

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IP needs protection, not genocide.

Just this week with the #SOPA and #PIPA protests, we realized that Openness and Intellectual Property (IP) are often a difficult mix. It seems that something must be done to protect IP, but whatever we do should not be cutting the air supply of everything else.
Don´t kills the bees while trying to scare away the flies.

For an artist, I suppose that having access to more ideas matters more than having bullet-proof protection for her own creations. This principle of disproportional punishment serves not creators, but just distributors of content. Excused from all responsibilities except providing a medium for presentations, middlemen fence their zoos while neutering the entire wildlife on the outside. That´s a whole lot of ball chopping.

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Samsung and “Future Proof TV”

I’m sorry I’ve not written in a while, I’ve been extra busy with a submission for an architecture competition of sorts. I’ll talk more about it later, if good news come my way. Wish me luck.

Samsung has just unveiled a TV set that has a slot for hardware upgrades.
This is not irrelevant and is in line with a tendency of TV sets to become smarter and more like a living-room computer. The software on these things has been improving consistently, with advanced image and audio processing.

Now, when Samsung adds a physical bay for the swapping of hardware, things get more interesting. For some reason, they call this a “Future Proof TV”.

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