Ignite LX and Livesketching

Last tuesday (this means may1st) I went to my first Ignite event (in Lisbon).I knew some friends were working on it and I offered to help because:

A – I love helping to set stuff up, stressing out and getting my hands dirty (It reminds me of my times at Natwerk. Which rocked)
B – It was hosted by some people I really wanted to meet.

The energy of the whole event was fantastic, filled with people that are jobless and yet not really feeling depressed about. I saw a lot of active people with potential and drive, and honestly, I couldn´t help but to think of the suckers (yes, i mean this) that let them slip under the radar and out of their previous jobs.

Miguel Jerónimo is known for making furry robots and working on a ton of projects at the same time. He is working with Sapana.org and knows EVERYBODY. He is the friend I wanted to help. He also got my back, telling people about me and my hunt for work over and over again. And thanks to that I met Miguel Muñoz and the guys at LiveSketching.

(yes, you will forgive me for the self-centered post, right?)

LiveSketching is a pretty cool idea. They make “illustrative visual for inspiring and memorable events”. Basically they are a drawing task force that quickly captures the main points of a talk and draws them and the speaker. They don´t merely draw faces and speech balloons, mind you. They will take an insight of your talk and find visual metaphors and representations on the go, to make a visual account of it. They also do visual facilitation, helping people and companies to materialize their ideas on the spot, but just check out their website. (bonus points: unsurprisingly, their drawings are very nice, with their own style).

So Daniel, from LiveSketching and Core Factor and I talked and he invited me to try doing some live sketching. Roughly 1 or 2 hours later, I´d gone through a few A2 pages, sweating to be quick enough drawing the 5 minutes presentations. The pros at LiveSketching kept doing their thing and finding time to give me some pointers. Thanks to that, I think I crammed a few days worth of learning in a very short time. Thanks guys!

It was a great experience! Not only I had fun and learned, but I also felt that I was participating actively in something I loved. Kickass combo. And it is funny how things work out. For the past few weeks, I´ve had a few opportunities to work with my sketching skills and now it seems that markers and paper are as essential as my toothbrush, when I head down to Lisbon (which I now do pretty often). A while ago I read that you will naturally work with your most evident skills because that is what people call you for. And sketching seems to be taking a bigger part of my time. Lets see where this goes!

P.S. I left the drawn pages with the LiveSketching guys for appreciation, otherwise you´d be seeing a picture here. I´ll look for photos, i promise!

And to all, thanks for the opportunity. I mean this.

2 thoughts on “Ignite LX and Livesketching

  1. We liked your drawings for Sapana 🙂 (And the ones for Livesketching.)

    Taking sketchnotes is a challenge, but I honestly think it’s helped me a lot too. It gets easier and easier to create visual metaphors. Dan & I seem to be on the same wavelength sometimes and I saw some really great ideas in your drawings too (Like the robots for Miguel Jerónimo’s talk).

    I hope we can start working together a bit. 🙂

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