doin' some thinkin'

My name is João Rocha and I´m a designer from Portugal. I like to work on different projects and recently I´ve been asked to visualize a few ideas.
I´m good at that.

I studied Design in Aveiro, Portugal (graphic and product), and then Product Design Engineering in Delft, the Netherlands. I graduated with a project on the making of DIY disaster preparedness supplies, with a multicultural communication focus, together with Lard Breebaart. You can download the entire project here

I´ve also worked in advertisement, but the best is to check all my stuff at behance.
Currently I also help the guys at Designoteca, to agitate things a bit in the Open Design field. A visit could be worth your time.

As it might be evident by now, I´m passionate about a couple of things that surround what people keep calling “innovation”. I also call it innovation, but because it is such a buzz word, I can get tired of it. However, I´m deeply interested in what it means and how it affects other things such as education, business, governance and so on.

For a long time, I´ve paid attention to these topics, but never took the following step of formalizing my knowledge in something that could be get the feedback of others. And I want this feedback, so I decided to bait it with content on my passions.

So, please see my postings as both a resume of what I´ve found out, but also as a request for more interesting points of view, books I should read, people I should talk to, websites, movies, everything.

Linked in
Graduation Project
(Make Yourself Ready)

What do you think?

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